Ptah Landing Page Builder Documentation

Promote your game using Ptah

Ptah Builder is an easy-to-use tool to build landing pages for video games without any coding.

Ptah provides you with all the features you need to promote your game.

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Build the responsive landing page you want

Ptah naturally creates responsive web pages. It is super-easy to ensure your landing page looks and performs perfectly on any device, mobile or desktop.

Build your desired page from a wide range of pre-designed blocks

You can make your landing page using ready-made modules and view the result in the real-time preview area. No coding skills required.

Build your landing page for a video game with professionally designed blocks of functionality, including system requirements, your products list and others.

Analise and target the landing page for your game

Grow your business based on the helpful data gained from Ptah Builder integrations: Mailchimp, Google Analytics and others.

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