The landing page design must be on-brand. Once you have chosen the right typeface and colors, typography makes your landing page appealing and readable.

Set up fonts

Ptah has a built-in Google Fonts library which offers about 1000 fonts to choose from for all your text and button needs.

  • To adjust page fonts, open Fonts on Settings Panel.
  • Choose the desired fonts for headline, text and button from the Google Fonts library.
It’s recommended to use from 1 to 3 typefaces. If you have more than 3 typefaces it can make your page look chaotic and slow down page load.

Learn more how to customise text properties.

Set up a color palette

Colors perception in branding is of particular importance because colors influence the psychology behind decision-making, thus the landing page conversion rate.

You can take advantage of Ptah Style to generate a color palette from a game screenshot or any other image. Ptah color palette generator provides a color combination for texts and buttons.

  • To adjust colors, click the Page Style icon in Settings Panel then select the Colors tab.
  • Upload an image to the Color Palette Generator section.
  • Now apply the created palette clicking the Apply palette button or upload another image clicking the New image button.
It’s recommended to limit your color palette from 3 to 5 colors.

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