Connect with Mailchimp

How to use Mailchimp on your landing page

Ptah offers a seamless integration to Mailchimp for you to easily create an email subscription form on your landing page.

To start, you need to authorize Mailchimp to connect to your landing page in Ptah Builder.

Open Integrations > Mailchimp.

  • Enter your Mailchimp login and password to log into Mailchimp.
  • Approve Mailchimp to connect your landing page.

Select a Mailchimp audience

Once you’ve synced with Mailchimp, you can select one of the audiences to store the emails you collect on your landing page.

Open Integrations > Mailchimp. Select your Mailchimp audience from the drop-down menu.

Add an email subscription form

Now you can add a section with an email subscription form to your landing page.

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