How to create a good landing page for your game?

Define the goal for your landing page

Ptah allows you to visually customize every single aspect of your website with a drag-and-drop builder and also include custom HTML and CSS.

Ptah Builder offers 5 common goals for your landing pages built-in as ready-to-use templates:

🎮 Sell your game

The templates contain required sections to sell game keys, a link to game publishing platforms like Steam or GOG.

📧 Sell a game subscription

The design is optimised to sell game subscriptions.

🚀 Sell pre-orders

The templates features a timer and a form for the pre-order.

💎 Sell multiple editions of your game

Design templates contain required sections to sell a game with multiple editions or key types.

🎯 Collect leads

The templates focused on capturing newsletter subscribers.

A blank page

What is more?

You can implement any creative ideas from scratch using a blank page.

Provide branding

There are 3 must-have landing page elements to build your brand.


The game logo is essential in branding. Your logo can be a text-only version, a symbol, or a text and a symbol combined.

🔠 Fonts

Head over Ptah Fonts and pick a decent combination of Google Fonts that reflects the style and tone of your game.

🎨 Color palette

You can take advantage of Ptah Style to generate a color palette for texts and buttons.

Make a simple and perfect structure

Detailed instructions on how to create great content for each section:

Build your desired page from a wide range of Ptah pre-designed blocks

A header is the top section of the web page, thus it’s the first thing visitors see. The fixed (sticky) header persists on all sections.

Tips for this section:

  • Focus your customers on a single page, avoid navigation, menus and outgoing links
  • A one-liner with your logo and a CTA (Call to Action) button
  • The CTA button should have a clear, concise, and obvious offer (Buy Now on Steam, View on GOG, Get started, Join to Download and others).
  • The CTA button should be designed in a contrasting color, easy to notice
To add a header to the page, choose one of Header sections from Ptah Section Library.


The main purpose of this section is to inspire your customers perform an action accordingly to your goal: buy a game, subscribe, etc. A headline in this section should describe your game to attract customer interest.

Tips for this section:

  • Add a 6–12 words long headline and (optionally) a detailed body text below
  • Use the H1 tag for your headline
  • Action buttons should have a clear CTA (Buy on Steam, Subscribe Now, etc)
  • Consider adding a nice image or a video next to the headline or as a background
To add a call-to-action section, choose one of the FirstScreen sections from Ptah Section Library.


A game trailer is one of the most influential marketing tools.

Tips for this section:

To add a section with video, choose one of the FirstScreen sections with video from Ptah Section Library.


Tips for this section:

  • Describe 3-6 the most fascinating features
  • Write a short, easy to read copy
To add a features section, choose one of the Columns sections with features from Ptah Section Library.

A scrollable carousel with screenshots is a great way to display a lot of imagery without occupying too much real estate.

Tips for this section:

  • Make sure your images are not larger than they have to be, so your landing page loads even faster. Check out what are the recommended image parameters. for Ptah.
  • Tinypng is an easy to use service to resize images.
To add a slider section, choose one of the Slider sections from Ptah Section Library.

Social proof

This section content helps to build trust and inspires your landing page visitors convert to your players.

Tips for this section:

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Awards and recognition
  • Players number counter
  • Player testimonials with avatars
  • Statistics, numbers and graphs
To add a reviews and awards section, choose one of the Columns sections from Ptah Section Library.

Tips for this section:

  • Duplicate your CTA button at the bottom
  • Newsletter form (optionally)
  • Privacy policy and terms of service
To add the footer sections, choose one of the Footer, Forms sections from Ptah Section Library or additional custom web elements from Ptah Element Library.

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